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Fish and chips most popular British dish on Instagram

Fish and chips is the most popular British dish on Instagram, clocking up over 1.7 million hashtags.

From old school chippies to restaurants’ modern adaptations, this emblematic British dish has received a 1,773,503 hashtags on Instagram to date - over eight times more than shepherd's pie which comes in third place.

Sunday roast follows in second place with 1,028,049 hashtags proving that it has become more than just a traditional Sunday lunch amongst Brits - it’s now a hit amongst foodies on Instagram too.

Beef wellington and pot pie make up the top five, while pie and mash and steak and ale pie also made the top ten.

The list was complied by, the Dutch arm of Just Eat, by finding the total hashtag count for each dish.

The study also revealed that pizza is the most Instagrammable food in Europe with 86,380,378 hashtags to date.

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