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Fish and chips voted second most popular family meal

Fish and chips has ranked second in a poll of the nation’s favourite family meals, being beaten only by a traditional roast dinner.

The survey of over 2,000 adults commissioned by Bisto, saw fish and chips followed by other classics such as a sausage and mash, shepherd’s pie and chicken curry.

According to the poll, 60% said a mutual love of such meals brings the family closer together. However, whilst we can’t be with our families in person at the moment, 39% have been cooking virtual meals to feel close and maintain togetherness.

The research coincides with the launch of three limited-edition Mother’s Day Bisto Gravy Granules that feature the slogans aah! My Gravy, aah! Mum and aah! Gravy Lover.

Savan Sabharwal, marketing controller flavourings & seasonings at Bisto, said: “These results celebrate the classic dishes that bring families together. In particularly challenging times, they show many long to spend quality time together over one of their favourite meals, like a roast dinner.

“While we might be celebrating Mother’s Day differently this year, families are looking forward to a special meal – some virtually - to create a sense of togetherness. We hope these drums encourage households to come together over food.”


1. Roast dinner 2. Fish and chips 3. Pizza 4. Spaghetti Bolognese 5. Steak and chips 6. Lasagne 7. Chicken curry 8. Sausage and mash 9. Shepherd’s pie 10. Chili con carne 11. Cottage pie 12. Fajitas 13. Pasta bake 14. Stir fry 15. Burgers / veggie burgers 16. Steak pie 17. Stew 18. Casserole 19. Jacket potato 20. Macaroni cheese

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