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Fish and trips

Scott Drew of David’s Fish & Chips is swapping beautiful Brixham for cool Copenhagen after winning a trip courtesy of Amanda Seafoods

A staple item on the menu for over 30 years, Scott Drew was always going to keep Amanda Roe on the menu when he took over David’s Fish & Chips in Brixham, Devon, from his boss eight years ago.

“I’ve been working at the shop since I was 14 and Amanda Roe had always been a consistent seller for us, so I could never imagine taking it off the menu,” says Scott, who admits it is the older generation that tends to order it. He adds: “We sell between three and five tins a week. We get a bit of a peak in the summer season when people head to Brixham for their holidays but, otherwise, it’s one of those items that just sells itself.”

Cutting it into six, unlike many other chippies that tend to get seven or eight out of a tin, Scott serves up a chunkier portion of cod roe than most and still says it generates great profits. He comments: “We’re purely a takeaway so we don’t do anything special, we just cut it, lightly batter it and fry it. It’s what the customer wants and it means it’s really simple and easy for us to use. We sell a slice of cod roe for £1.60 and it’s a good profit earner. Most people will order two slices at a time and have it with some chips, although there are some that will order cod and chips and a slice on the side. Our portions are quite big so it does make a really filling meal and, because it’s high in protein and Omega-3, it’s quite a healthy option too.”

With a dedicated gluten free menu, David’s has quite a line-up of products for coeliacs including fish, sausages, curry sauce, chicken bites, scampi and onion rings. With Amanda Roe being allergen free, it’s another item that can be added to that menu. Scott adds: “We’ve had it a few times where customers have come in and asked if we can do cod roe in a gluten free batter, which is great because we can, so we’re able to satisfy another wave of customers.”

Competition complete

Scott was one of hundreds of friers across the country that entered codes from the outer carton of their Amanda Roe online in the hope of winning an all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen, home of Amanda Roe. On receiving the news he had been picked at random as the winner, Scott comments: “I was so excited. I always enter competitions, however, like most people, I never win. I think I read the email four or five times before it sunk in!”

Copenhagen is somewhere Scott has never been to before but it has always been on his "need to visit" list. Fortunately, with two good managers working at the shop, finding the time won’t be a problem and Scott hopes to take up the offer just before the summer season starts. “It will give me a boost to get through the busy, long summer months!” he comments.

As well as a trip to Copenhagen, 10 runner up prizes of £200 travel gift cards were also awarded to: Pendeford Fish Bar, Wolverhampton; Batchley Road Fish Bar, Redditch; Potters Fish Bar, Coventry; Yardley Wood Fish Bar, Birmingham; The Golden Fish, Dagenham; Starfish Bar, London; Belgrave Fish Bar, Tamworth; Kim’s Plaice, Frimley; Mr. Chips, Horsham; and Wollaston Fish Bar, Stourbridge.

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