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Fish & chip shops trial Just Eat’s “waste less” chip portion

Two fish and chip shops in Scotland are among a number of Just Eat partners trialing a smaller chip portion after research revealed the popular side is the most wasted takeaway food.

Customers ordering from Hook & Catch in Bearsden and Livingston, and Andy’s Golden Fry in Johnstone, Dumbarton and Paisley, are able to choose between the shops’ standard sizes and a 30% smaller ‘waste less’ portion to help reduce food waste.

It follows a study by Just Eat and environmental charity Hubbub entitled The Food Waste Race in which 72% of participants said they had leftover chips after finishing their takeaway meals. In addition, over half (53%) of participants said that they had leftovers from their takeaways due to portion sizes being too big.

Andrew Spiers, owner of Andy's Golden Fry, has always had two sizes of chips on his menu - regular at £2.20 and large at £3.20 - but is trialing the smaller ‘waste less’ portion costing £1.50 for six weeks.

Andy comments: “It’s about two-thirds the size of our regular chips. There are a lot of customers, especially the elderly, who don’t like to waste food, so this will be perfect for them.”

In a bid to help reduce food waste further, Just Eat is helping restaurants to easily display portion sizes and calories on its menus, in line with the menu calorie labeling regulations coming into force in England in April. While this will only be obligatory for larger restaurants under the rules, Just Eat will actively encourage restaurants of all sizes to add this information to their menus and support them to offer the right portion sizes.

It also plans to support customers to store and safely reuse their leftovers by providing them with information and inspiration on the Just Eat app and website.

Robin Clark, senior director of global partnerships, sponsorships and sustainability at Just Eat, said: “Food waste is one of the greatest issues of our generation. Roughly a third of all food we produce in the world is wasted, which has a huge environmental and economic impact. If food wastage were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. With 60,000 restaurants on the Just Eat platform in the UK, we know that we have a role to play to help reduce food waste.

“As part of the JET Appetite for Change plan, The Food Waste Race has brought to light how waste from takeaways can be reduced if people are able to order smaller portion sizes and feel more confident transforming their leftovers into new meals. We’re excited to be trialing our ‘waste less’ chip portions and want to make sure all our customers know how to store, reheat and reuse their leftovers safely so we can tackle food waste in the UK.”

Research from Just Eat, carried out with the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2019, found that £1.8bn worth of takeaway food is thrown away every year in the UK alone. Of that, £376m worth of food waste occurs in takeaway outlets while households account for £1.4bn.

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