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Fishmongers play Squid Game to encourage seafood consumption

Fans of the ultra-popular Neftlix series Squid Game are being given a chance to win free seafood – maybe even some squid – as Love Seafood partners with three fishmongers for its very own “Squid Game” this Saturday.

The rules are simple. In a homage to the classic honeycomb carving scene in the show, giant posters bearing the four symbols have been placed on the walls of participating mongers. Players simply need to pick a symbol, then choose a card from the fishmonger. Should the symbol they have chosen match the card they pick, they will win a £10 voucher to spend on seafood.

The fishmongers taking part are Osborne & Sons in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, Seafood Shack in West Kirby, and J&B’s Fisheries in Cowes, Isle of Wight, with each giving away £250 worth of vouchers.

The idea is part of Love Seafood's mission to encourage people across the UK to incorporate more seafood into their diets and raise awareness of the simplicity and versatility of fish and shellfish.

Greg Smith, Player 456 and head of marketing for Love Seafood, said: “We love nothing more than when opportunities arise for us to partner with the UK’s incredible independent seafood businesses. A show with such universal popularity, that just happens to be called ‘Squid Game’, is an opportunity too good to miss!”

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