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Fishwich is the perfect fit for sandwiches and baps

Giving the fish finger sandwich a modern slant is King Frost with its Battered Fishwich, wild Alaskan pollock coated in a signature bubbly batter.

The perfect size and shape for packing into a sandwich or bap, friers can capitalise on the growing popularity of hot sandwiches which provide the perfect balance between a snack and a more substantial meal.

Cooked from frozen by deep frying for eight minutes, King Frost’s battered Fishwich can be easily adapted by using different accompaniments and condiments, such as watercress, gherkins or rocket.

The Fishwich is MSC certified, low in saturated fat and free-from artificial colours and preservatives.

With British Sandwich Week (20th-26th May) just around the corner, there’s no better time to get your hands on the new King Frost Battered Fishwich.

King Frost 01472 585583

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