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Food quality and hygiene top poll for why costumers choose a chippy

One in five Britons still visit their local fish and chip shop once a week and are willing to travel almost four miles to get their hands on a decent fish supper, according to a new survey.

The findings by P&G Professional reveal that the quality of the food is the top reason for visiting their chippy of choice, closely followed by an establishment’s hygiene rating. In fact, over half of those surveyed stated hygiene was more important than convenience, value, and even customer service.

Two in five said they would be put off visiting a chippy by dirty or sticky tables, and over a quarter are unlikely to return if the table tops and counter surfaces aren’t clean. What’s more, almost 41% would avoid a shop with a hygiene rating below 4 and one in three would post a bad hygiene review online.

Greg Elmore, UK & Ireland country sales manager at P&G Professional, comments: “Given its impact on the bottom line, cleaning should be a key business strategy for chip shop owners. P&G Professional is committed to educating restaurants on achieving a spotless clean, and help restaurants cease the grease!”

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