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FOODit rewards VIP customers

Restaurant website builder FOODit has launched a VIP feature which will help fish and chip takeaways to know, and reward, their most loyal customers.

The new feature works by notifying takeaways on receiving an order whether it is from a new customer or a returning one.

FOODit looks at various sets of data to indicate a loyal customer and then passes information to the takeaway owner, for example, the number of orders that customer has placed.

Head of operations at FOODit, Richard Bradshaw said: “If it's a customer's first time ordering from your website, you might want to throw in a free side. Or if they are a VIP they might get a free ‘taster’ portion of a new dish you are promoting.”

Rewarding loyalty through personalised service could help takeaways to retain their customers and attract new ones. A shopper loyalty report found that 77% of consumers stay with brands that reward loyalty while 70% are more likely to recommend that brand to others.

Richard adds: “That makes it really important for takeaways to know who their best customers are – we are crunching the data behind the scenes to help takeaways to connect better with their diners.”

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