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Frankie’s has faith

Taking out an insurance policy with industry specialist Wrapped, Frankie’s Fish & Chips in Brae, Shetland, feels reassured it covers everything the busy chippy needs to operate safely and securely

Frankie’s opened in September 2008 with the vision of serving fish and chips to the 2,000 or so local residents that live in the village of Brae, Shetland. Nine years on and its reputation is such that it now attracts customers from all over Scotland as well as the UK, with one customer spending two days travelling up from England specifically to try its fish and chips.

Over the years, Frankie’s has won a number of prestigious accolades including Best Independent Fish and Chip Takeaway in 2015, while manager Carlyn Kearney was named UK Young Fish Frier of the Year 12 months prior.

The chippy has also made a name for itself by focussing on sustainability and boasts a three star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association two years in a row and a 4.5 Blue Fish Award from Fish2Fork - the highest award being a 5. What’s more, 98% of the fish and seafood on its menu comes from MSC certified sources.

While sustainability wasn’t the chippy’s main focus when it first opened, it has become a key element to the growing business, as Carlyn explains: “We wanted to be different to other fish and chip shops and stand out. We also really wanted to support our local fishermen because by supporting them we are securing their livelihoods and that, in turn, supports our community. Sometimes in business it’s not just about making money, you have to do what’s right and what’s important to you. Although it costs more money to operate sustainably, it’s the choice we wanted to make.”

Another important choice Carlyn made for the chippy was to switch insurance companies last year, signing up with industry specialist Wrapped. Carlyn comments: “We’re like most people I imagine, we would stick with the same insurer every year. It’s something we never really questioned, which is silly really because although we’ve never had to make a claim, our business could one day rely on it.”

It was only when someone in the industry thought Frankie’s could benefit from being involved with Wrapped that Carlyn thought to look into it. “It was really good to get that advice because until then we hadn’t paid it much attention, we were really in the hands of our insurer,” she explains. “But when I looked at the Wrapped policy, I realised it was totally fish and chip shop specific, which was first and foremost why we switched. I felt Wrapped understood the specifics of the fish and chip shop industry and, because it’s much more comprehensive, I feel reassured that should anything happen, we will be covered.”

With only a few weeks left before the existing policy ran out, Wrapped ensured the transition was smooth and seamless, with Carlyn adding: “It was very easy to switch over to Wrapped and because they understood our business, it seemed like a more personal service. The terms and conditions were all easy to understand and we received a discount for being an NFFF member. I was surprised actually when I got the quote as I thought it would be more expensive, but it was actually less than we were paying before yet it covers everything we need to operate safely and securely.”

Ryan’s ‘Wrapped’ specialist Fish & Chips insurance policy, designed by the industry for the industry gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your business is properly protected and your claim will be dealt with rapidly should the worst happen.

For more information about ‘Wrapped’ or for your personal quotation, talk to Ryan’s.

Ryan’s 0800 093 3018

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