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Free cups with Shmoo powder purchase

Beverage supplier Allied Drinks is offering free branded disposables with every tub of Shmoo thick shake purchased.

Shmoo is one the UK’s leading milkshake packages, offering fish and chip shops everything they need to create thick shakes in seconds and without any of the mess thanks to its unique ‘Mix-in-Cup’ system.

Available in six flavours - strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla, cappuccino, and the newest addition, chocolate mint, anyone can mix up a Shmoo thick shake. Simply add milk to the marked line of the cup, add a scoop of Shmoo powder, whisk on the mixer for 25 seconds then add spray cream and toppings.

Allied Drinks estimates friers can make up to £1.43 profit per cup when selling a large 22oz Shmoo shake at the recommended retail price of £1.95, and more if toppings are added.

As well as offering free branded cups - available in small or large - Allied Drinks is also giving away Shmoo point of sale to help promote sales.

Click here for further details or contact 0800 442299

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