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Free Pukka Pies at Krispies

Pie lovers in Exmouth, Devon, are enjoying complimentary pastry snacks this week after Pukka Pies gave award-winning chippy Krispies a free stash.

Krispies, which sells over 2,500 pies a year, received 150 of Pukka’s most popular varieties in recognition of winning Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2019 last month.

Not only are walk-in customers enjoying a free treat, but owners Kelly and Tim Barnes have spread to love by delivering some of the pies to a local retirement home, along with a side of mash and gravy.

Tim Barnes, owner of Krispies says: “We are delighted to have won Fish & Chip Shop Of The Year 2019. We have lots of loyal customers who also enjoy a pie with their chips and we are pleased to team up with Pukka to offer our customers a delicious pie on us.”

Anna Bengtsson, senior brand manager at Pukka Pies, says: “Pukka Pies have been sold in fish and chip shops across Britain for more than 55 years, so we were delighted to hear that a proud Pukka stockist had taken home the gold at the National Fish & Chip Shop Awards. We want to share our congratulations by offering these free pies to loyal customers at Krispies, helping them continue to bring good, honest food to the county.”

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