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Free recipes and resources make Seafood Week special

A varied range of fish and seafood specials will encourage customers to eat out during Seafood Week, as well as supporting the sustainability of fisheries, says Direct Seafoods.

Seafood Week 2019, running from 4-11 October, is putting a focus on the variety of species available to enjoy. To support this, Direct Seafoods has expanded the range of free recipes and resources available on its website.

“The specials board is a great way for chefs to highlight interesting fish and seafood recipes,” says Natalie Hudd, director of sales for Direct Seafoods. “Customers who may not have the confidence to cook fresh fish at home can be tempted to eat out, and using a broad range of species helps to ensure the entire catch is being used.

“Encouraging customers to enjoy a seafood dish they haven’t tried before doesn’t simply help to boost sates at a time when the eating-out market is feeling the pinch, it also helps to ensure that our fisheries have a long-term, sustainable future.”

Expanding on this year’s “not just for fry-days” Seafood Week theme, Direct Seafoods has added recipes online for starters and main dishes featuring a wide choice of fish and seafood. These include grilled whole plaice with brown shrimp and samphire butter; pan fried hake with a crab and prawn croquette and a saffron and mussel sauce; and mussels with rose harissa and chorizo with a white wine and lime broth.

As well as recipes, friers can find a range of resources online including updates on which species are being caught sustainably as well as which are ‘red rated’ and should be avoided. This includes downloadable posters that can be used as a simple reference guide when ordering.

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