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Friers find out more about potatoes at farm open day

Photo by Sally Ann Norman

Fish and chip shop owners joined farmers, agricultural students and agronomists for a tour of Particularly Good Potatoes’ site at Turvelaws Farm near Wooler on Tuesday 17th August.

The open day gave friers an opportunity to see up to 60 varieties of new harvested potatoes grown on trial for chipping, crisping and roasting as well as visit the on-site chip factory, where the harvested potatoes are peeled, cut and delivered to the local area.

With over 1 million tonnes of potatoes imported into this country per year, the trials are going some way to proving we have the knowledge base and skills to grow all our potato requirements right here in the UK and in particular in Northumberland.

Shop owners were educated on how important quality soil is to growing the perfect potatoes and shown how Particularly Good Potatoes maintains its high quality through nurturing and practical care, year-on-year.

Attending on the day, renowned UK expert in the science of soil management Neil Fuller said that Particularly Good Potatoes are “the absolute pinnacle of doing it right” with some of the best soil conditions he had ever seen.

On the question of fresh chips, Mark Robson, the owner of Particularly Good Potatoes, was eager to talk about combining a minimal carbon footprint with easing the lives of restaurant and chip shop staff.

“We grow our crops with the land in mind,” he said. “We peel, we take away starch and peelings, we pack and we deliver quality chips and potatoes. In doing so, our customers need never worry about staff shortages or wastage disposal.

“In addition to this, we employ a local workforce. With every Particularly Good chip that is eaten, the jobs of local people are being supported. It is time to do the right thing, in terms of food production, local support and safeguarding the planet - as far as one fledgling chip producer can do.”

Particularly Good Potatoes supply many local restaurants and fish and chips shops including Pantrini's of Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear.

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