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Friers given second chance to win 80 boxes of Frymax

Frymax is repeating its spring promotion which saw one lucky frier win 80 boxes of its 100% sustainable palm oil and two runners up awarded 40 boxes each.

To enter, all contestants have to do is visit the Frymax website, sign up to its free membership and answer the following question:

What is Frymax made out of?

1. Beef dripping

2. Sunflower oil

3. 100% sustainable palm oil

All correct answers received by 31st October will be entered into a draw.

Andrew Marriott, brand and marketing controller of Frymax, comments: “We know our customers are on to a sure fire winner by using Frymax, which is pure white, sustainable palm and continues to produce the same perfect results that it has done for well over sixty years.

“Now, after such a positive reaction to the promotion the first time round, we are giving fish and chip shops another chance to win a year’s supply of Frymax which, given the problems caused by the shutdown, could be of great benefit to their business.”

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