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Frymax inspires shops ahead of National Fish and Chip Day

It might be a little later than planned, but National Fish and Chip Day 2020 is finally upon us and Frymax has pulled together its favourite social media posts from years gone by in a bid to help inspire fish and chip shops and get the creative juices flowing.

Flying fish

Last year, the RAF introduced our national dish to their Estonian counterparts, helping to strengthen ties. In a video posted by their social media team, one member of the Estonian Air Force said: ‘We do have chips and we do have fish, but we don’t eat them together like you do’. It looks like we won them over though (with a little helping from mushy peas and a slice of lemon).

Smithy’s Plaice

A couple of years ago, the BBC paid homage to fish and ships by tweeting a short video of Smithy, from Gavin and Stacy, ordering at his favourite chippy. He puts in a mammoth order for fish and chips, battered sausage, and chicken and mushroom pie – quite the appetite.

High art

To commemorate National Fish and Chip Day last year, The Royal Academy of Arts ‘cast a net’ into its collection to haul out their favourite fish-related artworks. Publishing works from José Suarez, Ruskin Spear, Edward Bawden, and Henry Hugh on Instragram, they showed that our enjoyment of fish goes far beyond the humble cod .

A History Lesson

We’ve published our very own history guides on fish and chips , and The Economist followed suit to mark National Fish and Chip Day 2019. The main ‘takeaway’ is that whilst Fish and Chips is thought of as a typically British dish, it’s actually the result of different cultures combining; chips came about after potatoes were brought back from South America in the 16th century, and fried fish was introduced by Jewish migrants in the 17th century.

National Fish and Chip Day promotions

However you choose to promote the day on social media, it’s also worth coming up with some one-off ideas to entice in customers. You could offer a multi-meal discount for the day, or even provide a spin-off of our much loved fish and chips; last year Sarson’s Vinegar teamed up with Poppie’s fish and chips to make a fish and chip flavoured cocktail!


As members of the National Edible Oil Distributors Association (NEODA), Frymax is a proud supporter of National Fish and Chip Day. One of the industry’s go-to supplier of frying oil, Frymax helps establishments up and down the country serve the highest quality fish and chips.

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