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Getting a head start

Now is the ideal time to prepare your fish and chip shop for the high season, says Wrapped

The middle of winter can seem like an odd time to start thinking about the boost to business that late spring and summer can have for a fish and chip shop in the UK. In fact, though, it’s the best time to plan ahead and to make sure everything is ready to get you through the high season without a hitch.

In the UK, for most restaurants, cafes and bars, high season starts in the spring, usually around Easter, and lasts through the summer into early autumn. While fish and chips are year round fare for the Great British public, the warmer months bring better custom here, too. This isn’t just because the tourism industry takes off during summer. Most people are more likely to head out for the evening when the evenings are warmer and longer, than they are in winter time.

As business gets busier for fish and chip shops and restaurants, there’s less time available to tend to the day to day admin, to think about reviewing, renewing or replacing equipment, signage, processes and your business premises.

So, before the high season is upon us, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re properly prepared to take full advantage of the extra business it may bring. Here are five things to think about before the high season starts:

1. Plan your people

While during the winter months you may have been operating with lower staff numbers, now is the time to start planning ahead, advertising for summer staff. This will give you time to find the best candidates and to train them before the rush starts.

2. Prepare for special occasions

Whether it’s a great sporting event or a royal wedding, there are some occasions that bring out the crowds. Making sure your business is set to take advantage of those occasions, with extra staff, supplies and special promotions, is a sure fire way to boost business.

3. Refresh your décor

While your fish and chip shop is less busy, it’s a great time to delve in for a deep clean, to refresh the décor and to check that your fryers and appliances are running safely and efficiently. You could also review any furniture you have to make sure it’s up to scratch, and your signage to ensure it’s positioned well and working effectively for you.

4. Research new menu options

You may wish to review the options that are available on your menu, to supplement them with new seasonal tastes or to overhaul your selection altogether. You’ll need to update your physical menus to reflect any changes, too.

5. Work through the admin

It’s far easier to work through your admin while there’s less to keep you occupied. As well as your day to day paperwork, you could use this time to check your suppliers are still offering the best deals and to analyse last year’s trading to ensure you’re prepared for similar peaks and troughs.

This will also put you in a good position to review your insurance, making sure you have cover for every eventuality and that your seasonal increases are set at the most suitable levels.

Your insurance broker will be able to discuss the best options for your fish and chip shop business, as well as any changes in cover that might now be available to you.

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