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Pan'Artisan adds gluten free pucks

In light of the market growth for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian products, Pan’Artisan has introduced gluten free dough pucks.

The pucks are supplied frozen and once thawed, can be shaped or rolled to any size and shape, to create various menu favourites such as pizza, calzone, bruschetta, topped flatbreads, garlic bread, flavoured bread sticks and even canapés and street food carriers. A vegan, gluten free naan dough puck has also been added to the range which, after rolling and shaping, simply requires brushing with oil and sprinkling with chopped coriander before baking.

Also new is a 9” and 11” gluten free pizza base made from a variety of grains, including tapioca flour, rice flour and maize starch, to give a light, fluffy texture and a softer crumb. These can also be used as a garlic bread base, topped flatbread starter or even a dessert pizza.

Pan’Artisan 01730 811490

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