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Greek food sees lockdown takeaway surge

While Italian, Chinese and Indian foods remained the most popular takeaways during lockdown, Greek dishes surged in popularity, seeing the largest increase in orders, according to Just Eat.

In a news article in today’s The Times, Just Eat, part of the recently merged Just Eat, revealed how orders for Greek dishes were up 116%.

Thai and Vietnamese food was the next biggest riser, with orders up 57%, followed by Turkish food.

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat’s UK managing director, told the newspaper: “Lockdown conditions have really made a difference to UK takeaway habits and I’m sure the good weather has inspired our customers to think more about holidays and encouraged them to order dishes like Greek or Turkish meals to bring a ‘holiday mood’ to their tables.”

Overall, Just Eat’s UK operations recorded a 33% jump in lockdown orders, with breakfast and lunch orders rising by 50% and 80%, respectively.

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