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Hand it to Hanbury’s

Not having purchased a range for 16 years, David Hanbury, owner of Hanbury’s in Babbacombe, Torquay, was surprised on a recent trip to the QBTEC factory in Holland to see just how much frying range technology has evolved.

With its oak beams, old pine ceiling and stone fireplaces, Hanbury’s has a traditional, cosy feel to its restaurant and takeaway. But, when it comes to technology, there’s nothing traditional about it thanks to an £80,000 investment earlier in the year in which David introduced a number of modern touches from digital menu screens, to new kitchen equipment and the centrepiece, a new 4 pan high efficiency Kiremko frying range with Fry controllers. 

David comments: “We had our last Kiremko for 16 years and when I went out to QBTEC in Holland, where the ranges are manufactured, I was amazed at how much the technology had advanced. We’ve got touch screen controls now so it’s like controlling everything from an iPhone. There are no valves on the bottom of the range, it’s all electronic so you just punch into the screen that you want to empty a pan, press a button and the electronic valve opens to let the oil out, you press another button to filter the oil and another one to bring the oil back up and the valve shuts on its own. It’s so quick and easy.”

Impressed by the advances, David had one principle concern - that he was potentially moving from the capacity of seven baskets for chips to six. It was a concern quickly to put to rest, with David adding: “These new flat bottom, high efficiency chip pans are more efficient than the previous high efficiency pans. You’ve the same power input but only two-thirds of the oil. I’m so happy with the results. The recovery time is so fast my six baskets actually cook faster than my previous seven. In my opinion, even the fish pans have become more powerful. My product is coming out better. As the temperature recovers so fast we actually cook the product at the temperature we set the pans at. The product absorbs less oil at this higher temperature so Hanbury’s is cooking a less greasy, more crispier product.”

When it came to choosing the design of the range, David wanted to make the most of some of the advances over the years here too. He chose the square panelled Sonado design and a white powder coat finish.

He comments: “I liked the curved nature of the Sonado profile and the panels. I’d like this range to last as long as the previous one so white seemed a good neutral colour for the powder coat.”

With Hanbury’s having a busy summer, David is more than pleased with the changes he’s made, adding: “It was a big gamble as I started the year knowing I was going to be paying about 25% more for fish, potato prices were through the roof,  sunflower oil was about 25% more and wages were increasing. But we did it and I’m so pleased as it’s really paying dividends. The takeaway and restaurant both look great, the range is a delight to fry on and we’ve had a really, really busy summer. It was a gamble worth taking.”

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