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Hellmann’s and Just Eat join forces to tackle plastic pollution

Hellmann’s and Just Eat have teamed up to roll out a trial of Notpla’s seaweed sauce sachets in a bid to tackle plastic pollution across the takeaway sector.

The trial across 65 Just Eat restaurant partners in London sees a range of Hellmann’s ketchup, BBQ, tartare and garlic sauces served in the sachets, which are made from a seaweed-based material and naturally biodegrade in approximately six weeks.

The sachets are opened just like normal sachets and can be thrown into the home compost, or even a normal waste bin, to fully decompose. They are flavourless and colourless.

Pierre Paslier, co-CEO of Notpla, comments: “Takeaway sauce sachets are one of the hardest single use plastics to deal with. They’re easy to litter and have low residual value which limits the recycling potential. We’re very excited to work hand in hand with leaders in the takeaway and sauce sectors. Sustainability is a top priority for their consumers and is key for these sectors to survive in the long run. Just Eat and Hellmann’s are pioneering the way to a sustainable takeaway industry.”


Just Eat

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