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Henley's hits the headlines in Singapore Airlines' inflight mag

Henley’s Fish & Chips in Wivenhoe, Essex, is to be featured in Singapore Airlines' inflight magazine after coverage of its Fry Awards 50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways win reached its editorial team.

SilverKris magazine, which is available onboard all Singapore Airlines flights and in SilverKris Lounges worldwide, has the potential to be seen by more than 19 million passengers annually.

Henley’s owner David Henley, comments: “The editor picked up the story following a feature on the Fry Awards in the Daily Telegraph. I got an email via our website asking for our permission to use some photos and editorial, it was a real surprise but we’re over the moon to be featured.”

“When people book a flight to Britain from Asia and the Middle East they enjoy reading about our heritage, our attractions and our cuisine. To think they will be able to learn about our national dish and our shop is fantastic.

“Even if travellers don’t come to us, the publicity is great for the industry across the board because we’re all working hard to promote the number one meal of fish and chips industry-wide.”

David is now in talks with representatives of Singapore Airlines to see how he can extend the opportunity further, adding: “I’ve offered to link up with their chefs to put on an inflight fish and chips meal or to do something in the airport lounges, and I’d love to explore the opportunity of a pop-up shop at an airport in Singapore. I’m also looking at the possibility of visitors presenting their Singapore Airlines boarding pass for free fish and chips as I think that will be a great marketing opportunity for us.”

Coverage of Henley’s 50 Best win has also appeared in the chippy's local newspaper, which David says has resulted in a 10% increase in turnover.

“It’s been a challenging year so winning Fry Magazine’s 50 Best Takeaways has been great as we’ve had something positive to talk about,” adds David.

“But it’s more than that. The Top 50 is a serious competition, it’s the genuine article. You get a full audit afterwards with the time and date that the mystery diner called. It’s like having an indent appraisal of the business, which means even if you don’t progress to the Top 50 you’ve got a great tool to raise your standards.

'We find it great for staff training because if there is anything that needs picking up, we can act on it. The part about upselling, for example, that's a very important part of a business. If you can get your staff to upsell to every customer, if you can upsell 10% of the order, that’s a massive add on to your turnover."

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