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Hewigo increases pan capacity at growing Zan Fish

Hewigo has created a solution for Zan Fish’s shop in Littleover, enabling it to expand the size of its range despite restrictions on space

The Village at Littleover, one of six takeaways operated by Zan Fish in Derby, has been so successful  since it opened that increased capacity was quickly necessary. Such was the layout of the takeaway and restaurant that it was not possible to increase the size of the new range to give five pans rather than four. However, through clever design, Hewigo has been able to manufacture a four pan range of virtually the same floor space but with larger pans. Coupled with Hewigo’s advanced high efficiency burners, this has produced a significant increase in cooking capacity.

The existing range was taken out and will be transferred to another Zan Fish shop.

Nickos Zannetou, who heads up Zan Fish, comments: “We have developed very quickly and Hewigo has been with us every step of the way. Style, corporate identity, great food and the right working environment are vital and Hewigo understands this.

“We are currently concentrating on building our wholesale supplies business so it is important that we get the maximum out of our existing shops which are all growing in popularity. Our partnership with Hewigo is helping us to do this.”

Phillip Purkiss, managing director of Hewigo UK, adds: “There is no one in the industry who is more progressive and focused on quality than Nickos. We are proud to hold similar values."

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