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Highland chippy receives double seal of approval

The Real Food Café in Tyndrum, Scotland, has received two official seals of approval, an MSC certification and the Quality Award from the NFFF.

The accreditation comes towards the end of a very successful year for the café, which saw it win a Gold Award for its gluten free fish and chips in the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards, having the best Young Fish Frier of the Year in Scotland, and being named as a finalist for the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards which will be awarded in November.

Adding the NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Award to its accolades is a real coup for the café, making it one of only 240 venues to hold the prestigious accreditation.

The café was required to pass a thorough inspection from an independent assessor, which covered everything from the layout of the café to staff training, customer service and of course, most importantly, a taste test!

Adding to that the café also received its MSC certification which is only given to restaurants which can prove 95% of its fish is sourced from sustainable fishing grounds. Customers will be able to see which dishes from the recognisable blue eco label on the menu.

The Real Food Café works closely with fish merchants to source cod and haddock from sustainable fishing grounds in the Arctic waters of the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic.

The roadside diner in Tyndrum welcomes nearly a quarter of a million customers through its doors every year.

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