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Highland Fish Bar wins electric bike with Plus20

Kesar Bains, owner of the Highland Fish Bar in Stafford, is the proud winner of a KTM electric bike, courtesy of T.Quality and Plus20 palm oil.

T.Quality launched the competition to raise awareness of Plus20 palm oil and the fact it lasts over 20% longer than normal palm products.

Kesar, who switched to Plus20 when it was first launched in 2016, comments: "It was a lovely surprise to win the bike - I am delighted! I use Plus20 as it is more cost-effective, long-lasting and gives the end product a great taste.”

Keeping his oil clean by regularly filtering it, Kesar adds: “Plus20 is a better-quality palm oil than the product I was previously using as it has a longer life, up to a week longer."

Since switching to Plus20, Kesar says none of his customers have noticed any change in their fish and chips, meaning Highland Fish Bar has continued to serve a top-quality product while making significant savings for the business.

Plus20 is available in 12.5kg boxes and is currently on special offer, with T.Quality offering buy six get one free until 31st December 2020.

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