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Hot2Home puts an end to soggy fries

Frozen potato supplier Lamb Weston has launched a new variety of chips which together with bespoke packaging ensure fries remain hot and crispy for up to 20 minutes during transport.

Hot2Home has been designed specifically for delivery market where chips are renowned for their rapid deterioration in temperature and quality.

The concept comprises a new variety of fry with a starch coating to ensure the chips stay crispy without losing any flavour once out of the fryer. These are then placed into a patented fries cup which, with its conical design and shaped holes, acts as a chimney and ventilates the moisture released from the fries cup. Together they ensure hot, crispy fries are delivered to customers' doors every time.

The fries are available in two cut sizes - 6x6mm and  9x9mm - both in 2.5kg catering packs. The packaging, meanwhile, is available in two sizes - medium for 150 grams and large for 175 grams of fries - and is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood with a fully recyclable greaseproof coating, enabling the consumer to dispose of the packaging at home.

Lamb Weston 0800 963 962

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