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Iconic figures form a queue at Peterborough chippy

Customers queuing for fish and chips at a Peterborough takeaway will find themselves waiting alongside a number of famous faces including Geri Halliwell, Harry Potter and Amy Winehouse.

The iconic figures feature in a huge mural commissioned by Posh Fish & Chips to make use of the disused wall space outside the takeaway. Unveiled at the weekend, it is having a major impact locally, as well as on social media.

Commenting on the mural, which was painted by local graffiti company Street Arts Hire, Lauren Trevor, manager at Posh Fish & Chips, says: “I knew it was going to look cool but I had no idea it was going to look that good. The artist who came up with the design, Nathan Murdoch, painted it in just one day with two other guys helping. They are all really talented as there is a lot of detail in there.”

The idea for the mural followed a conversation Lauren started on social media discussing the best way to use the space. She adds: “A family friend initially suggested having a queue of people on the wall so it looked like they were queuing for the takeaway. I thought about it for a bit longer and thought I could take it one step further. I wanted it to be quirky and thought why don’t we have all familiar British figures as we are a fish and chip shop after all.”

As well as famous faces, the mural also includes iconic figures from British society including a policeman, a hippy, a mod and a punk.

Posh Fish & Chips opened in July following a renovation of The Beehive Pub to accommodate a new 30 seater fish and chip restaurant and takeaway in addition to the existing pub.

A traditional chip shop, Posh Fish & Chips serves cod, haddock, plaice and monkfish, it chips and peels all its own potatoes and sources its pies and sausages from local farms.

Lauren comments: “Trade is going really well and word is gradually spreading that Peterborough has a fresh, new fish and chip takeaway.

“We stopped doing food in the bar, but what customers are doing now is buying their fish and chips from the takeaway and coming into the bar to eat them out of the box, so it’s working really well."

Operating the pub and the fish and chip shop side-by-side, Lauren adds: “Running a takeaway is very different to what we were used to before but we are enjoying it. I think the biggest change has been for the kitchen team because before they were hidden in the kitchen where as now they are all customer facing so now they have to talk to the customers!”

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