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Ikea opens first high street store with a food-to-go offering

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has opened its first high street store in the UK, complete with a takeaway counter offering a range of hot dogs and wraps, hot and cold drinks as well as pastries.

The West London store inside Hammersmith’s Kings Shopping Mall is a quarter of the size of its traditional stores and has around 1,800 products available and 4,000 on display to order.

As well as its Swedish Deli, which will be open early for grab and go breakfasts, the store also houses a cafe selling the brand's famous meat balls as well as other hot meals to eat in.

The opening is Ikea’s first cashless store with self-service checkouts on the main floors and the cafe, but a staffed till in the deli.

If successful, Ikea could roll out the concept to more UK high streets.

Country retail manager and chief sustainability officer, Peter Jelkeby said: “Everything we do starts with our customers. Over the next three years, we will continue to transform as we respond to their needs and dreams, today and tomorrow."

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