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In it together

Kelly Barnes shares Krispies’ take on staff training and development

At The National Fish & Chip Awards in January this year, we were very lucky to win the Staff Training and Development award.

Winning this accolade was a great honour for us as we have always strived to ensure our staff have the best working environment, allowing them to fulfill their job to the best of their abilities.

People always say to us that our staff seem so invested and ask how do we do this.

I think the answer for us is simple: treat them as you wish to be treated yourself. We are all equal on the shop floor and even though our roles may be different i.e. manager and team leader, we are all the same.

We believe it is the people who are important, not their skills or qualifications, so it is essential we have a robust, organised and ultimately successful training and development plan in place for staff at all levels.

For individual needs, we carry out appraisals for all staff every six months where training is discussed by both the manager and team member. We have an ‘open door’ policy to requests so the team can talk to us about training needs at any time. They do not need to wait for an appraisal or team meeting to bring it up.

A few years ago, we changed our own attitude towards recruitment and training. Being clear how much we could offer our staff helped us develop our training to better achieve both their and our goals.

"Good staffing is down to you and it comes from the top."

We changed our staff meetings to make them collaborative, 360° meetings where we encourage the team to add agenda items and make contributions.

At a busy time in May, we all needed a boost so we organised a team building scavenger hunt on the beach as a surprise. Not only did we have fun, but it helped people get to know each other better and lifted morale.

The best thing about this was it cost nothing other than a little time and planning yet what it did for staff morale was so important and carried us through the next few months.

Good staffing is down to you and it comes from the top. Your staff have to see that you believe in them and the job they are doing, so whether they are a pot wash or the manager treat them equally.

It was our manager Darren who actually encouraged us to enter the Staff Training and Development award and we are so glad he did.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the sponsors of this award, Blakemans. We went on a factory tour after we won and I loved the enthusiasm shown by all the team there. It made it even more of a privilege to win, knowing that these guys have the same morals as we do in business.

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