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It’s a deal for Kent chippy and Henry Nuttall

Deal, on the Kent coast, not only attracts holidaymakers but also filmmakers with the town and its landmarks - notably the pier - featured in the opening episode of the recent ITV thriller Liar.

Located just opposite the pier is Sea View, a fish and chip restaurant and takeaway, which for the past five years has been serving fish and seafood to a wide mix of customers including a scout group and a wedding party as well as a walk in order for 70 fish and chips to go!

Previously a cafe serving breakfasts and burgers, the family-owned business saw a gap in the market five years ago after adding fish to the menu. Owner Carol Woolls comments: “We introduced a little bit of fish at first and it did really well so we decided to bite the bullet and change to a fish and chip shop. We now serve a range of food from cod, haddock and plaice to skate, mussels and scampi. It’s doing really well and we’re pleased to say that every year business has got better and better.”

In May, however, the restaurant had a set back when a fire forced it to close for 11 weeks and undergo a full refurbishment. The family took the opportunity to upgrade the frying range and future-proof the growing business. “We had a three pan range before but, because we could see how busy we were getting each year, we decided to upgrade while we were able to.”

Choosing a Henry Nuttall wall range and counter, Carol not only specified an extra pan but also included Vito’s built-in filtration, an add-on that proved its worth immediately.

Carol comments: “The range is great, it heats up really quickly and it’s very efficient, and the filtration is exceptional. It’s so quick and easy. We filter twice a day and it takes just four and a half minutes to do a pan. Before we had a separate filter machine and, although we were continually skimming the oil and would filter at the end of each day, it didn’t get rid of the really small bits of debris. This does and we can filter during service, which on a busy day really does help.”

Pleased with the service from Henry Nuttall, Carol adds: “They were great from start to finish, they came and talked everything through with us, helped us measure up and advised us on everything that we might need.”

Henry Nuttall 01909 560 808

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