A walk in the holiday park for Hopkins and Trevornick

Trevornick is a family-owned and run, five star holiday park set just 15 minutes walk from Holywell Bay on the Cornish coast. Its static caravans, luxury lodges and camping and touring pitches have provided staycations for holiday-makers for over 55 years, keen to explore the beautiful coastline, play a round of golf or simply relax around the onsite pool.

Having run the site for the last 26 years, general manager Adrian Tribe had noticed that people’s eating habits had changed and that not all of the park's eateries were giving customers what they wanted.

Adrian comments: “During peak season we get 2,500 people all wanting feeding at the same time. We have Woody’s bar, which serves things like home-made burgers and lasagne and that’s been very good, but when we’ve tried other things they just haven’t worked. People want to grab something quick, take it back to their accommodation and enjoy it while it’s still hot. We realised that what people wanted was good, old-fashioned fish and chips.”

Initially buying a second-hand range to launch the Courtyard Takeaway, Adrian lost his nerve at the last minute, coming to the realisation that if he was serious about fish and chips he needed a range that would be able to keep up with the numbers he was anticipating.

With just four weeks to go before the launch, Adrian called Hopkins with a very tight turnaround. He comments: “I phoned Hopkins at the beginning of May and said I needed a range for Whitsun. Ferhat came out immediately to see me, we had it ordered and installed within three weeks and we served the first fish and chips the day before Whitsun. Hopkins gave me a five star service, everything they said they would do, they did and I can’t praise them enough.”

Although the park is yet to hit peak season, Adrian is confident that when it does the four pan counter range - which also features a built in grill and bain marie - will easily rise to the occasion, adding: “The biggest challenge we have with the numbers we get is making sure we can give good quality food without customers waiting too long. Already we can see that the range meets that. The speed in which we can turn people round is way better than we’ve ever had before and the reviews we get all mention the chip shop.”

In addition to the frying range, Adrian also bought a standalone filtration machine, fish fridges and a deodorising unit linked to the extraction system, which means there’s no fish and chip smell wafting through the caravan park.

Thanks to Hopkins, the Courtyard Takeaway has got off to an amazing start with Adrian adding: “The feedback we’re getting about the quality of the food, the fluffiness of the fish especially, is excellent. We’re back giving customers what they want now and that’s massively important to us, it’s why they return each year.

“Judging by the numbers, I think come this time next year the range will have paid for itself. I don't think there are many industries you can work in where you can say that about the main piece of equipment.”

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