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JJ adds more crunch to gluten free chips

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has added a new Double Crunch variant to its gluten free Super Crisp Chips range.

The chips, JJ's crunchiest yet, are available in both skin-on and skin-off and are designed to support restaurants and takeaways wanting to cater for the growing demand for gluten free foods.

The UK free-from foods market is forecast to grow to a whopping £673m in 2020 - 43% higher than in 2015.

The Double Crunch chips are prepared in sunflower oil in a gluten-free environment. A special coating gives them an extra crunchy texture, which retains heat for longer.

To support the launch, the Double Crunch Chips are currently being offered at just £6.99/4x2.27kg when customers pay online by card for collection. Click here to buy new Double Crunch chips

JJ Foodservice 01992 701701

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