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JJ customers can now see catch dates before buying FAS fish

JJ Foodservice is adding catch dates on Frozen at Sea (FAS) fish to its website and marketing brochures, making it easier for shops to see the details before they buy.

The move is designed to highlight the ‘freshest frozen’ fish as catch dates are not usually known until after a box has been purchased.

JJ Foodservice believes this is an unusual step for wholesalers to take, with Sezer Ozkul, chief product officer at JJ, commenting: “For the best flavour and juiciest texture, we recommend serving fish as close as possible to the catch date.

“We want to be fully transparent about when our products were caught."

Catch dates show the month the fish was caught, processed and frozen, indicating how fresh the stock is.

FAS fish has an average shelf-life of 18 months.

“Fresher fish means happy customers who will keep coming back for more,” said Sezer.

Click here to download the new fish and seafood brochure with catch dates.

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