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JJ discounts healthier products for customers in Luton and Essex

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is offering fish and chip restaurants and takeaways in Luton and Essex a 10% discount on healthier eating options via the TuckIN scheme.

TuckIN is an initiative funded by the Public Health Team to help local restaurants and takeaways commit to delivering small, simple changes to improve public health.

Businesses that sign up to the initiative will receive a 10% discount on healthier eating products at JJ Foodservice – including fresh fruits, vegetables, lower-calorie soft drinks, cereal bars, rapeseed oils, vegetarian and vegan products, and wholegrain options – for three months.

Group general manager for JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin, said: “We are delighted to extend the initiative as far as possible and encourage local authorities nationwide to get in touch.” 

JJ Foodservice was the first UK wholesaler to work with the Mayor of London on its Healthier Catering Commitment in 2016. It was later extended to Brighton’s Healthy Choice scheme.    

Rachel Hopkins, portfolio holder for public health for Luton Council said: “It’s great to see that JJ Foodservice has committed to offering takeaways that sign up to the TuckIN initiative attractive discounts off lower salt, sugar and fat products. Making small changes like this can really can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of local people.”

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