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JJ Foodservice improves delivery service

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is improving its delivery service by sharing changes to products, including weights and substitutions, ahead of a delivery.

“Products like Frozen at Sea fish and fresh lamb are very popular, but cases can vary in weight by up to a few kilograms”, said JJ’s chief operating officer, Mushtaque Ahmed.

Previously, customers were given an estimate of weight at the point of order with the final details confirmed (and invoice amended) on the customers’ premises or at point of collection.

Now, changes are included in the dispatch notification email, which informs customers that their order is en route. A Product Alert at the top of the message informs them of any variations in their shopping basket, including changes to weights and the corresponding prices – together with any product substitutes.

“It's important to let our customers know exactly what they are getting before we even get there”, said Mushtaque.

“This helps to reduce the amount of time drivers spend on customers’ premises – letting them get back to running their businesses. It’s just another way that we are investing in technology to improve service,” he added.

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