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JJ offers discounts to go cashless

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is offering customers big discounts when they pay for their shopping online by card.

Its new Pay Online Promotion offers savings on a selection of products, for instance, customers will get an extra £3 off when they pay online by card for JJ Texan Burgers (£19.99 collection price versus £16.99 when you pay online by card). Or an extra £1 off for Coca-Cola Zero Cans (£6.99/24x330ml collection versus £5.99).

JJ's COO, Mushtaque Ahmed, said, “On top of the usual savings our online customers get – we are now offering even more money off when customers pay online with a debit or credit card, instead of cash.”

As well as making great savings, going cashless will support busy caterers to save time, with Mushtaque adding: ”People who pay online in advance can be in and out of a branch in just minutes. For delivery customers, drivers can be off the premises much faster.”

Savings can be made by visiting the ‘Special Offers’ tab on the JJ Foodservice website or App and simply clicking the ‘Pay Online’ option during the shopping process.

The discounts are available for collection and delivery orders placed online.

More than half of JJ Foodservice customers shop online and since the launch of the promotion, online shoppers paying by card have increased by 8%.

The wholesaler believes that embracing cashless payments could help restaurants and takeaways to improve service.

“We want to encourage caterers to think cashless – not just when they shop with us, but when accepting payments from their customers too,” added Mushtaque.

Debit card payments overtook cash payments for the first time in the UK last year. A third of Brit's don't use cash anymore and this increases to 51% for millennials, according to The Financial Times.

Europe’s first non-cash restaurant chain, Tossed, last year reported dramatically improved service time and sales since going cashless in 2016.

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