Keejays introduces sweet & sour paste

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Keejays has introduced a new sweet and sour sauce in paste format.

Developed specifically for the fish and chip shop market, Goldfish Sweet and Sour Concentrate simply requires the addition of water to make a smooth sauce that is ideal for serving with chips, scampi, chicken and even fish.

The sauce can be made in bulk and held in a bain marie but equally, because it’s quick and easy to mix, can be used to make smaller batches, helping to reduce wastage.

Offering consistency and excellent margins, the sweet and sour sauce is said to cost considerably less than ready to use versions and, because it comes in a concentrated format, results in less packaging compared to its ready to use counterparts.

Sammy Lee, owner of Keejays, comments: “My father opened his first Chinese restaurant in 1961 and the most popular dishes then were those served with his sweet and sour sauce.  Since then sweet and sour has become a mainstay of Chinese cuisine around the world.  With my father’s recipe I have developed it into a concentrate or paste so any kitchen can prepare our sweet and sour simply by adding water for a top notch result every time with fantastic cost savings too.”

Keejays, which also produces Goldfish Curry Sauce Concentrates, has over 30 years experience developing products for the fish and chip and fast food industry.

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