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KFE customer service clinches it for Crispy Cod

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Nine years since he opened his first fish and chip shop, Crispy Cod, in the small Welsh village of Tonyrefail, Mathew Williams has opened a second just seven miles away in nearby Gelli.

Describing the journey from one to two shops as a rollercoaster ride, it all started when Mathew went to the local shop for a packet of screws and came back having bought another chippy! “It’s strange how life sometimes hands you an opportunity that you cannot say no to,” says Mathew. “Just under two years later, I was opening my second Crispy Cod in Gelli, it has been a huge undertaking for me and my family, long hours, waiting on builders and electricians, but I was determined to get it just right!”

A lot of thought went in to Gelli and while Mathew made several changes along the way, the one thing he was always sure about was what type of range he wanted. He explains: “I have a Kiremko range in Tonyrefail and it has been the best investment I’ve made in a piece of equipment. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to work with KFE for the Gelli site too.

"Don’t get me wrong there are other great providers of ranges in the market place, but for me it was a personal choice. Over the years I have always had fantastic customer service from KFE and on the odd occasion anything has gone wrong, the service engineers are on your doorstep as quick as they can be. I have always felt valued as a customer and that’s how I want to feel and, if I am honest, the way I want my customers to feel when they visit me.”

As a result, Mathew chose a Kiremko 4 pan high efficiency Jubilee style island range complete with a pot bain marie, gas hob and a chrome plated griddle.

Offering advice to anyone considering opening a second store, Mathew says to remember it is nothing like your first, adding: “Be prepared for bigger challenges, learn from your mistakes and always take on board other people’s advice, sometimes they see what you don’t. Invest time in your employees, they are the face of your business. Set your own standards and do not settle for anything less. Always set goals for you, your business and your employees.”

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