KFE keeps on delivering

A service contract giving customers an additional year’s parts and labour pan warranty is just one of a number of new developments from range manufacturer KFE Platinum PLUS provides added peace of mind

When considering which frying range to buy, build quality, technology, performance and efficiency are all key considerations, but friers also have to think about the medium and long term aftersales support too.

With years of fish and chips experience, not just selling ranges and offering training but also operating shops, KFE understands the importance of supplying the highest quality equipment with the most customer-focused aftersales.

It’s why the company introduced service contracts six years ago, enabling customers to budget for their annual servicing costs. Now, again, in response to what customers would like, it’s introduced Platinum PLUS+. As well as offering all the benefits of its annual Platinum contract coverage, it also provides an additional year’s parts and labour pan warranty on the range.

What’s more, KFE has also launched a monthly direct debit option available on the Platinum and Platinum PLUS+ contracts, making it easier for friers to spread their payments.

Paul Williams, KFE MD, comments: “In the award winning high volume businesses we supply we have proven the unquestionable quality and life span of our pans but appreciate that quality comes at a price. Now, friers can have the peace of mind to know that their contract covers them in the unlikely event of a pan failure.”

Add an Adieu Grill for consistent and quick cooking

Widely recognised throughout Europe as the most efficient grill in the catering industry, the Swiss-built Adieu Grill is now available from KFE.

Manufactured of cast iron, the grill not only guarantees a fast heat up time, but it also cooks with up to 85% less fat/oil, resulting in a healthier product.

What’s more, no matter what volume of product is cooked on the grill, the temperature will always remain consistent, ensuring even cooking every time.

Easy to clean and very efficient, the Adieu grill is available in a variety of sizes and as a free standing grill or seamlessly welded into the frying range.

Customers who are having the Adieu grill built in to their ranges include Quayside, Chez Fred, The Fish House and Rockfish.

Why not put the grill to test by booking a visit to KFE’s showroom in Peterborough?

Flat bottom chip pans deliver savings

Bringing improved levels of efficiency to frying is KFE’s new flat bottom chip pan.

Independently tested and certified at 94% efficiency, the pans are manufactured from hard-wearing mild steel, giving a proven performance of up to ten years. With the pans taking 25% less oil and having 15% more power, they also deliver an instant cost saving to shops. Plus, the flat bottom pans have the advantage of being easier to manage and clean.

As well as a five year pan warranty, KFE is also offering customers the option to extend their contract up to 10 years.

For further information on any of these products, contact KFE 01778 380448