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King Edwards crowned with a second Kiremko

One of the longest-established chippies in Weymouth, King Edwards enjoys a prime position on The Esplanade, close to the beach and Weymouth’s famous Jubilee Clock.

Owner Les Young made the decision in 2016 to put in a six pan L-shaped Kiremko frying range into the main restaurant to deal with the summer trade. Having been with another Dutch range manufacture for some years, this was a big decision but one that he has never regretted.

Attached to the rear of the shop is Sea Chef, another fish and chip shop Les part-owned. After re-acquiring the unit, he had no hesitation in replacing the old fryer with a brand new Kiremko four pan counter range earlier this year.

His continued commitment to KFE is highly valued and Les puts this down to the high level of service he receives and the speed of the frying equipment, something he says he couldn’t cope without.

Les opts to include griddle plates on the ranges to grill fish and burgers and says: “It adds value to the way the kitchen operates. Everything being in one line means only one chef can make up plates of food and everything is within one easy-to-reach step. We don’t have to worry about separate large canopies as it’s all under the range extract.”

The two businesses now operate as one with King Edwards now asserting itself as the main establishment to eat fish and chips on the Weymouth promenade.

With the new refurbishment and the addition of the griddle, Les is now considering adding some more high-value items onto the menu.

KFE 01778 380448

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