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King Frost delivers tradition and innovation for London chippy

From humble beginnings, the Great British Fish & Chips Restaurant has quickly grown to be one of the London’s leading chippies. Celebrating tradition, and renowned for serving our best known and most loved dish, it has become a real tourist hot spot all year-round, whatever the weather.

Great British Fish & Chips takes the traditional chippy concept and gives it a modern twist by offering established dishes and contemporary alternatives, all made using quality responsibly sourced ingredients. Bruce Isaacs, CEO of Great British Fish & Chips, explains how they ensure they’re appealing to all customers: “We have all the traditional aspects that you would expect on our menu, like our best-selling fish and chips through to battered sausages and pies, but it is equally important to include modern variants to ensure the menu is extensive and has something for everyone.”

During a menu refresh last year, Bruce and the team introduced King Frost products to improve their offering and appeal to a wider audience. He explains: “Products like the King Frost Fishcakes and Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish have now become integral to our menu. Having quality fish in a variety of different options is important so that we can compete with the other offerings on the high street.”

Bruce was impressed with the overall quality of the King Frost range but also how the Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish provided the solution they were looking for: “We introduced the King Frost Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish last year because we were keen to upgrade the products that we served. After doing our research and taste tests as a team, the Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish came out on top for its golden bubbly batter and the quality and flakiness of the fish inside. We originally used a fishcake as a burger, but I felt it didn’t get across the right mixture of flavour and texture within the bun, which is why the Quarter Pounder was a much better option for what we needed.”

They are also conscious of appealing to the varying dietary requirements of today’s consumers, and highlighting and utilising the latest trends: “Our customers recognise that visiting us is more of a treat, and we want to appeal to a broad range of consumers, so that everyone feels they are being catered for. This is why we serve the Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish in a brioche-style bun in a grab & go format that caterers to the burger trends, but without the inclusion of red meat.”

Not only was the quality of the fish in the burger important, but also the sourcing credentials of King Frost, as Bruce explains: “The fact that the King Frost Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish is made from Wild Alaska Pollock ticked all the right boxes with the right accreditations to help demonstrate to our customers that we source seafood responsibly.”

Bruce concludes that they made the right decision in choosing King Frost: “We can always tell when a product has gone down well from the empty plates, but we have also received positive feedback directly from our customers on the King Frost products. It is superior to what we were using previously and tremendously improves our menu whilst benefiting our business overall.”

Great British Fish and Chips was introduced to the King Frost Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish by seafood supplier Smales. Bruce enthuses: “We have been using Smales for many years and we have a great relationship with them. They are always proactive, reliable and supportive when we have been seeking new products to try. The delivery and ordering process always runs smoothly which means we can always count on them!”

King Frost

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