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Lightweight thermal boxes that deliver

Already stocking Cambro’s fabric GoBags, Take Eat Away has now added Cambro’s range of rigid GoBoxes to its catering and delivery bags.

Made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), the insulated GoBoxes keep cold food below 5°C and hot food at 60°C for up to four hours. The lightweight boxes are durable and strong and will maintain their shape and form even while handling significant loads.

Each box has two ergonomic handles which allows comfort and safe lifting for the user, while a recessed exterior wall means hands can access the sides of the contents for easy loading and unloading. The boxes can be stacked with other GoBoxes to save space while built-in labels on the sides allow for easy recognition and, therefore, quicker deliveries.

Starting at £29.99, the boxes are dishwasher safe and 100% recycled.

Take Eat Away 01383 665001

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