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Liquid gold

Fry Magazine went along to taste test a new cheese sauce from Ceres aimed at helping shops drive sales and, ultimately, profits

We all want more customers through the door. Well, actually, what we want are more customers through the door more often and spending more! But who would have thought a new cheese sauce could be part of the solution?

Developed by Ceres, Cheese Sauce Base Mix starts out as a powder that you add to water, heat and mix. Drop in your grated cheese of choice and it melts to form a thick, glossy, liquid cheese. It’s literally as simple as that and, in fact, it’s quicker to make than curry sauce or gravy and has the added bonus of not requiring any specialist equipment.

Our chef for the day was Nick Damurakis, owner of Athena’s in Bexhill-on-Sea, who demonstrated not just how easy Ceres’s Cheese Sauce Base Mix is to use, but also its versatility. Pouring it over chips and pasta and on to burgers and hot dogs, each one Nick tailored further with additional ingredients - adding bacon to the chips for example, hash browns to the burgers and crispy onion bits to the hot dogs.

The verdict

Not only does the cheese sauce taste really creamy, but it has a silky, glossy texture that stays liquid even when it’s cooled down. This means with every bite of chips, or every mouthful of burger, the customer tastes the cheese sauce. It’s this attribute that makes it particularly good for dipping and stands up perfectly for shops offering delivery.

For us, the real beauty of this product, however, is the fact it works with any meltable cheese. You could use the cheapest, mildest cheddar from your local wholesaler and still get a great result. Alternatively, if you want to ramp it up, you could use a mature cheddar and get a really powerful punch. If you fancy a stronger colour, use a red Leicester, or if you’re a shop that works with local suppliers and you want to retain that provenance, you still can. Either way, it means shops can easily add a homemade item to their menu, giving something to really market. And that’s what it’s all about, bringing customer in through the door with a new, exciting product.

Stelios Theocharous, MD at Ceres, comments: “We’re all about developing products that are quick and easy to use that any shop can add to their menu, and which will ultimately drive greater sales and greater profits by being innovative.

“Our Cheese Sauce Base Mix answers the question “how do you get young people in who are bored of everything we offer now?”. Cheese is a great addition to the menu, there’s a real honesty about it and it’s experiencing a real resurgence at the moment. It’s an all rounder.

“Shops need to think about the generation of tomorrow and where we are going to be in ten years’ time. Cheesy chips, sausages, burgers etc, all appeal to the younger kids. We have to think that we are here to serve the generation of tomorrow today, that way we have a business.”

Ceres Cheese Sauce Base Mix is available in 10 x 500g pouches. One pouch makes 4kg of final melted cheese sauce. Once made up, the cheese sauce can be held in the bain marie or chilled and microwaved on demand.

Ceres 0845 3711 522


Cost effective

An added bonus of Ceres Cheese Sauce Base Mix is the fact it actually works out cheaper than melting grated cheese. Whereas you might use 4oz cheese to cover a burger or chips, with the mix it’s simply 3oz of mix and 1oz of cheese. It’s also more cost effective than a cheese slice.


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