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Quality and convenience remain key to attracting new customers, according to new research by Kerry Foodservice

Fish and chip shops should look to redouble their efforts to communicate their quality and convenience in an increasingly competitive market.

That’s the message coming from new research into consumer attitudes commissioned by Kerry Foodservice, suppliers of famous brands such as Goldensheaf, Dinaclass and Henry Jones.

The research, carried out with 1,000 consumers in the UK and Ireland, highlights the reasons and habits behind why consumers choose to visit fish and chip shops and reveals how they make decisions as to where to go and what to choose.

Whilst fish and chips remains the top takeaway choice for older consumers, if shop owners are looking to attract younger customers then quality,, variety and taste are key to communicate.

This is because ‘quality’ is the single most important reason that encourages customers to visit whilst ‘poor quality’ is their biggest turn off.

When it comes to convenience, over half of the under 35s are using their mobiles to order food to takeaway. What’s more, 57% of all those surveyed are eating takeaways more frequently due to the ease of mobile ordering. This is something that fish and chip shop owners really need to consider.

When it comes to health issues, customers allow themselves an indulgent treat as a takeaway whilst also trying to eat more healthily. 

The new research reveals:

50% of consumers are influenced by healthier options when it comes to choosing where to eat

30% state that fish and chips’ ‘unhealthy reputation’ discourages them from eating it more frequently

75% of consumers would like more choice over portion sizes

Cathal Murphy, marketing manager at Kerry Foodservice, states: “The new research is full of information and ideas that fish and chip shop owners can act on. It’s great to see how customers really value their local fish and chip shops and rate them strongly for quality and taste. Our dedicated fish and chip shop brands are also renowned for their quality, and that’s why the team here at Kerry is committed to helping all fish and chip shop owners step up to the new challenges.”


Batter you can believe in

Goldensheaf batters have always had a reputation for delivering consistent quality for fish and chip shop owners. Crisp and tasty batters with plenty of bite. The secret lies in its heritage, expertise and a focus on sustainability, which has been part of the brand’s DNA well before the topic was fashionable. 

The flour for batters are milled and produced in Gainsborough in Lincolnshire and have been since 1945. Generations of expertise have contributed to the quality of the batters over the years using time-honoured methods whilst keeping up to date with changing customer tastes.  

Cathal remarks: “We are immensely proud of the skills of our local farm partners and the dedication of the Gainsborough team. The fact our wheat is grown and milled within a 40-mile area is crucial to the quality of our batters and it’s a story we’re looking forward to sharing more with our customers.” 


Shake up the menu with Dinaclass Korma curry sauce and Chip Shop Gravy

Dinaclass has launched a new Korma curry sauce flavour and a Chip Shop Gravy to help fish and chip shops compete with other takeaways

Menu variety is a key driver for why consumers visit a fish and chip shop. But with 82% of consumers believing chippies don’t have innovative and exciting menu items, it’s time to shake up the menu and reinvent some of the classics.

Introducing new Dinaclass Korma, the perfect new addition to appeal to consumer tastes. With Korma being the UK’s most popular curry flavour, consumers can’t get enough of the mild, fragrant flavour which Korma is famous for. With 10% of UK consumers purchasing curry sauce when in a fish and chip shop, it’s an ideal way to broaden your menu and increase profits.

Dinaclass isn’t just famous for its range of curry sauces, our range of three gravy flavours are also perfect for your menu. Specifically designed for fish and chip shops, our chip shop gravy delivers the deep rich flavour customers expect with the operational ease demanded by operators. Easy and quick to prepare with a consistent quality and taste, it’s sure to be a menu winner.

Cathal Murphy, marketing manager at Kerry Foodservice, says: “It’s great that we can inspire and help reinvent menus with our Dinaclass products. Korma is the nation’s favourite curry and we think that will translate right through onto operators menus."

Kerry Foodservice 0800 138 1938


A pot of Dinaclass curry is sold every second in the UK!

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