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McDonald's removes packaging to highlight littering

McDonald’s served food without any packaging this week in a bid to raise awareness about littering.

Customers in Weymouth were put on the spot on Monday with all packaging removed from their Drive-Thru orders. Burgers, McNuggets and even fries were all served straight into the hands of unsuspecting public.

The stunt comes as McDonald’s promises to get tough on litter and follows research commissioned by the fast food chain that shows 58% of the UK public describe littering as a ‘major problem’ in their area.

Food packaging was cited as the biggest culprit, with almost a third or respondents (30%) stating problem areas were outside fast food or takeaway outlets.

To create an incentive for its customers to bin their rubbish, McDonald’s has partnered with LitterLotto to offer the chance to win prizes ranging from discounts of menu items to £10,000 in cash. To take part customers capture a photo of themselves binning their rubbish and upload it to the app.

McDonald’s has committed to ensure all customer packaging is recyclable by 2024 as part of its Plan For Change initiative.

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