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Meadow Vale launches vegan chicken strips

Meadow Vale says that its new Original Vegan Chick’n Strips come so close to the real thing that operators won’t believe it’s not chicken!

Made from pea protein to deliver a succulent and meaty bite, Meadow Vale’s Original Vegan Chick’n Strips have been created to meet the current surge in demand for high quality meat and dairy alternatives in the foodservice industry. With a whopping 92% of plant-based meals consumed in the UK eaten by non-vegans last year, it makes this new launch a great meat-free alternative to add to the menu.

Why strips? Why now?

Chicken strips have proven to be best sellers for fast food chicken products in the last year. A strip can be used across a menu from a juicy chicken burger to a tasty Thai fusion dish, meaning the need to buy varying vegan products is eliminated and costs are kept low.

It has taken the Meadow Vale product development team sometime to create a vegan product that meets the company’s demanding quality standards, but managing director Nigel O’Donnell believes it’s been worth the wait. He comments: “Feedback from our wholesalers and end-users has been fantastic. Our product analysis and customer testing has shown the quality of the Original Vegan Chick’n Strip is unrivalled.”

High in protein and a great source of iron, pea protein is a great fit for any diet, as it is naturally vegan and hypoallergenic. Like many of Meadow Vale’s tender chicken strips, the protein is hand cut then coated in its signature batter, making it extremely difficult to separate the meat-free from the meat.

Offering convenience, the Chick’n Strips help save time, waste and money by offering quick cook times in a variety of methods, straight from the freezer. What’s more, the product is said to perform great when hot held; the coating will stay crunchy for longer while the core stays succulent for up to two hours, perfect for shops offering takeaway and delivery.

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