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Merchants sparkles with new counter design

With fish and chip shops increasingly looking for ways to stand out, Merchants in Redditch, Birmingham, has taken a new approach by teaming its three pan frying range with a stunning counter design from Hewigo which incorporates a ‘shattered’ glass inlay. Giving a sparkling crystal effect, it's lit from below by programmable LED coloured lighting.

“The effect is so different from anything I have seen before,” says Merchants’ Michael Jordon.

“The counter is also warm to the touch by heating through a thermostatically controlled element similar to a heated window in a car,” adds Jason Bate of Hewigo, who designed the counter top.

On the face of it, it might just appear another gimmick but Michael doesn’t agree. He adds:

“Customer reaction to it has been remarkable and we’ve had new customers coming in just to see and touch it.”

The new 3 pan range at Merchants, which has four outlets in the West Midlands, is fitted with other recent design innovations from Hewigo. The front boasts new diamond panels, which channel the light coming down from the LED lights to produce dramatic reflections, and also a sloping front which adds another stylish dimension to the range.

Phillip Purkiss, managing director of Hewigo, adds: “Just recently many of our progressive customers are looking to add real style to their premises and due to our flexible manufacturing at the Oldbury factory we are able to respond.”

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