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Millers makes world’s spiciest fish and chips

Millers Fish & Chips in Haxby, York, has created what it believes is the spiciest ever portion of fish and chips.

The Yorkshire-based chipper has developed a delicious yet bonkers batter that includes Seabrook Crisps ‘Fire Eaters’, the hottest crisps available for sale in the UK.

Launched late last year, Fire Eaters left many online reviewers unable to finish a full packet. Millers' owner Nick, alongside his dad and co-owner David, didn’t stop there though with Fire Eaters making up just a tenth of the spice. Other ingredients in the batter include hot chilli powder, dried red Birds Eye chillies, chipotle chilli flakes and buffalo hot sauce.

The pair will be asking customers to sign a waiver before sampling the scorching hot supper on Tuesday 22nd January.

Nick Miller comments: “As well as serving the official best fish and chips in the UK, it’s important to offer something a bit different now and again. When we saw the reaction to the Fire Eaters crisps online, we thought it could be interesting to see how they would translate into a batter mix.

“What we’ve ended up with is a battered fillet which tastes incredible but is ridiculously spicy, and I’m slightly scared to see what happens when we put it on the menu next week. We’ve already tried it out with a few customers who said they were lovers of spicy food and they were blown away by the heat. Those who order will have to sign a piece of paper to say they don’t hold us responsible for what might happen when they take a bite. Good luck to anyone who wants to try it out!”

Watch a video of how Nick and David created their spicy fish and chips by clicking here.

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