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Millers named MSC Foodservice Champion

Millers Fish & Chips in Haxby, York, has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability alongside big name businesses such as Tesco, Waitrose and JD Wetherspoon at the Marine Stewardship Council UK’s Sustainable Seafood Forum and Awards.

The chippy, which has been MSC certified for the past three years, scooped Foodservice Champion of the Year at the ceremony at Fishmongers’ Hall in London earlier today.

Millers not only uses the blue MSC ecolabel on its menus but has also been involved in a number of initiatives alongside the MSC, including the Keep It wild 20th anniversary, Sustainable Friday and Seafood Week. It is also seen regularly supporting the MSC across its social media channels.

Nick Miller, from Millers Fish and Chips, said: “We’re delighted to have won MSC Foodservice Champion of the Year and be recognised by the MSC this year. It’s incredibly important to us to be able to reassure customers that we are operating sustainably and value the oceans that have provided us with a thriving industry for many years.

“It’s our collective responsibility to make sure that it continues to do so for many more years to come. Being MSC certified sends out a really strong message that people want to hear. It says that, as a fish and chip shop, you are doing the right thing – not just by the environment we live in now, but for future generations.”

Loren Hiller, commercial officer at Marine Stewardship Council, added: “Millers Fish and Chips have consistently gone above and beyond just simply using the MSC blue fish label on their menu. They have always been proactive in using their platform to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable sourcing and the MSC, ensuring everybody can play a part in securing a healthy future ocean.

“They’re undoubtably dedicated to ensuring fish for future generations, and are great representatives not just for the industry, but consumers too. This award is well and truly deserved and we look forward to all of our future work with them.”

Supermarket of the Year went to  Tesco while Waitrose was awarded Fish Counter of the Year  and JD Wetherspoon was named Newcomer of the Year .

Brakes secured Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year for having the largest volume and most extensive range of MSC seafood on offer to the foodservice sector, while Fresh Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year was awarded to M&J Seafood.

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