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Mister C’s to reopen its restaurant

Mister C’s in Selby, North Yorkshire, is reinstating its fish and chip restaurant 10 months after it closed due to Covid.

While the takeaway has remained open, the 40-seater fish and chip restaurant was shuttered in November 2020 to make way for a new pizza and grill. But with sit-down fish and chips still being called for, its owners have decided to reopen a smaller, scaled-down version to keep all of its customers happy.

Manager Amy Horsley comments: “With the lockdowns last year, like lots of other shops in that position, we just couldn't afford to have the restaurant constantly sitting there empty, it was wasted space.

“The pizza and grill was something that we toyed with doing over the years and Covid presented a good opportunity to try it. We opened in December last year and it's done really, really well given the situation it opened in, but there is still that demand for the restaurant. We’re seeing the world changing again, everything is opening back up and a lot of people do miss eat-in fish and chips, especially because we were the only one in the area.”

The restaurant won’t be as large as before at just 20-25 covers but it will allow room to offer fish and chips as well as the pizza and grill menu.

Amy adds: “We've gone back to the drawing board and tried to find something that would achieve the best of all worlds.

“So, yes, it will be smaller, but what we're hoping is to move away from that cheap and cheerful vibe into a nicer place to come and have a meal and have a glass of wine. The pizza and grill has worked in the way that we wanted it to in that we've had lots of orders from both sides, so customers getting their fish and chips but then somebody else in the family getting pizza or a burger as well. So we’ll be keeping that so that everyone can order and pay for both at the same time.

“We’ve tweaked the menu a bit but everything else, the colours and the logo, will remain the same. We did look at the idea of ordering via an app at the table but I'm not massively keen on it. I think it takes out that interaction side of going out for a meal and that's partly what you go out for - the experience, the interaction and the service as much as the food itself."

The new Mister C’s restaurant is scheduled to reopen on Friday 24th September.

Amy adds: “It's nice to know that people have missed the restaurant. It's almost reassuring that we’re going to open and know that we’ll be busy from day one because the demand is there, we’re being asked for it.”

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