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Mitch Tonks joins top international chefs for  sustainable seafood cookbook

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has launched its first sustainable seafood cookbook in collaboration with ten chefs from across the globe. 

The Blue Cookbook is a digital initiative to encourage and inspire shoppers to commit to making the best environmental choice when buying the seafood they love, whether in or out of the home. 

Joining the project is award-winning seafood restaurateur, chef and MSC ambassador Mitch Tonks, who runs the Rockfish group of restaurants in the South West, which serves MSC certified fish and chips.

Food writer Mitch, who has contributed a Basque-style hake recipe to the Blue Cookbook collection, said: “It’s a real honour to be asked to contribute to this book. There are so many people with common beliefs about sustainability and it’s wonderful to be amongst them.”

The cookbook is released as MSC analysis shows that the world is missing out on enough protein to meet the yearly needs of 72 million people, because not all fisheries have been  sustainably managed. 

If globally adopted, the MSC says sustainable fishing practices would increase the additional protein available to meet the yearly needs of a population equal to that of the UK and Ireland combined, according to the MSC Insights report.

Loren Hiller, senior commercial officer at MSC UK & Ireland, said: “Now more than ever, it’s so important for everybody to make better choices for themselves, and for our planet. Whether it is by taking inspiration from our Blue Cookbook or by buying their favourite fish supper from a MSC certified takeaway.  

“The MSC reports shows how much protein the world is missing out on due to unsustainable fishing practices and it is fantastic to have so many fish and chips shops sourcing from MSC certified fisheries and suppliers which means they are doing their bit to tackle this problem. UK seafood lovers are more aware than ever about environmental issues and are increasingly demanding their fish and chip suppers to be from sustainable sources.”

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